The lost boys

Tulkinghorn is a big fan of Clifford Chance‘s fab New Age building (compulsory massages, choirs of angels on every floor, not a carbohydrate to be seen), but is rather concerned that the staff will be holed up there come the winter.
Aldersgate Street, you see, was easy to get to. Ask a cabbie to take you to Clifford Chance and they’d always say cheerily: “Is that the one with the swimming pool?
Hop in!”
But not any more. When Tulkinghorn led his happy band of scribes to the frozen wastes of the East last week, the bemused cabbie had never heard of Upper Bank Street. Nor did the street feature in his A-Z. In the end the hacks were reduced to ringing a senior Clifford Chance partner on his mobile to get directions.
Tulkinghorn suggests a cab rank outside the building – sharpish.