Spice up your life

Tulkinghorn has nothing but sympathy for all those global firms trying to integrate different cultures into one happy partnership, especially with all that transatlantic malarkey. Quite apart from teaching the Yanks how to spell properly, it seems another problem has reared its head: curry.
So pity those poor chaps at Linklaters, welcoming the ex-Shearman litigators in New York on their first trip to the London office. Off went the happy band to a local Indian restaurant to celebrate global dispute resolution, or something. But as the Brits were eagerly ordering the spiciest meals on the menu, around came the turn of the Americans, who instantly proved themselves to be closet wimps. Did they order a biryani? A korma? No, they ordered lamb chops.
“Imagine how long it’ll take to graduate to a vindaloo,” groans one source close to the curry house.