Michael Collard’s 5 Pump Court has picked up 10 former tenants of the now-defunct 46 Essex Street, with the remainder poised to launch a new set to be known as Chancery Lane Chambers.
Chancery Lane Chambers must wait for Bar Council approval before it can open for business, as four of its barristers are founding members of ADR Associates.
This comprises an array of professionals set up to provide various support services such as advice and act as expert witnesses in English arbitrations. Bar Council rules outlaw multidisciplinary partnerships, meaning the barristers will split from ADR Associates to form the new set.
Barristers joining Chancery Lane include Geoffrey Hawker and Peter Chapman from ADR Associates, Dean O’Leary, currently a member of India Buildings in Liverpool, and Cyril Chern, who moved from 46 Essex Street to 5 Pump Court after the former’s dissolution.