The old school

Tulkinghorn would like to officially put a stop to rumours that lawyers are no longer focusing on internet-related work. Last Monday, Mrs Tulkinghorn returned from her weekly Computing for the Elderly class at the village hall, all excited about a new electronic phenomenon called 'Friends Reunited'.
This is a site on the information superhighway, she said (as you can see, the class is having an effect on her vocabulary), that people can use to find their old school friends. All one needs to do, apparently, is register on the site and write a little about oneself next to one's school. Then one can search for the names of friends who have done the same. As most of Tulkinghorn's friends are lawyers, the computer-literate Mrs Tulkinghorn began a search of well-known members of the legal profession, with much success.
Under the same name as the chief executive of technology firm Olswang, we found a certain Jonathan Goldstein. He attended a Jewish school in Ilford, East London. Tulkinghorn is sure Mr Goldstein visited the website to catch up with old friends. But he was puzzled to note the Jonathan Goldstein in question directed all correspondence to someone with the same name as legal head-hunter Jonathan Glass. (Incidentally, the Jonathan Goldstein on the site left school in 1984, when most of Tulkinghorn's other friends were well on their way to partnership status. Surely the boy deserves a prize for rising to the top of the class so quickly.)
One lawyer who was easier to pin down than the elusive Mr Goldstein was the grammatically-challenged senior partner of Halliwell Landau Alec Craig.
“now senior partner of large firm of lawyers based in manchester and london. live in alderley edge cheshire and still watch the rovers!” wrote Craig, who left Highfield school in Chorley, Greater Manchester, in 1969.
Tulkinghorn would like to congratulate Craig for his modern approach to correspondence. In Tulkinghorn's day, one thing a good education taught aspiring lawyers was to rely on our secretaries or wives for all aspects of writing. In practice, this hid the fact that we, too, did not understand punctuation (especially useful in some cases for lawyers who attended Stowe). Craig has clearly made the decision to take up his own correspondence, and Tulkinghorn hopes that capital letters are next on his agenda. My, how times have changed.