Raffle baffle

Tulkinghorn is frankly shocked. All those lawyers went all that way to Richmond for the Law Society Sevens in the pouring rain… but didn't stay around for the prizes. Does no one appreciate freebies any more?
One of the rare exceptions to this was the fragrant Amanda MacFarlane of Wedlake Bell, who won first prize in the draw. But for any of those still holding on to those sodden raffle tickets, the following are the other winners: second prize, white 492; third prize, white 279 and green 493 (two prizes available); and fourth prize, pink 19.
Taylor Root would like to add that it holds the security numbers, so no one will be able to cheat (as if you would). Claimants should call Nick McLoughlin at Taylor Root on 020 7415 2828, or email nickmcloughlin@taylorroot.co.uk.