Dyoo spill my spritzer?

Tulkinghorn hears whispers of most unpartner-like behaviour in the North. During a partnership conference of a firm that will remain unnamed for fear of embarrassing its better-behaved members, one partner overimbibed and caused merry havoc in a North West hotel.
Tulkinghorn is well aware of the effect that alcohol can have on testosterone, leading many a drunken fellow to believe himself invincible at fisticuffs, but was nevertheless scandalised to hear that this particular partner was so eager to prove his worth that he kissed another male partner in a bid to start a fight.
Failing to arouse either lust or aggression in the recipient, the partner then proceeded to drop his trousers and moon the hotel staff. Rumours that the hotel has now put partnership conferences in the same banned category as stag nights and rugby tours remain unsubstantiated.