Given that The Lawyer’s editorial team boasts its own massive Antipodean contingent, there were a few red faces when we noticed that we’d published a photo of a New Zealand flag proudly waving above an article about Australia. But we didn’t realise it would generate such a torrent of responses. Some were humorous. Others revealed a group of lawyers who take themselves far too seriously. But here’s a little excerpt from one of our favourites, which came from Chris Hunt in the legal team at Spelthorne Borough Council:
“Normally the confusion about the flag leads New Zealand to be lumbered with the rather ostentatious Oz (six white-starred) flag rather than our own more minimalist but nevertheless magnificent (four red-starred) standard.

“… I suggest you batten down the hatches for the response of outraged Ockers resident in the UK (if they even notice – most of them probably have no idea what a Kiwi flag looks like either and will think their own has just been ‘rebranded’ in their absence from Australia).”