Johnnie Cochran, ex-lawyer to OJ Simpson. Cochran has teamed up with rap star Puff Daddy (above) to launch a restaurant chain. It is a shrewd move on Cochran's part – Puff is already beating Madonna and Michael Jackson in the empire-building stakes, with a company worth around u200m.

The Lawyer, which has been hailed by Private Eye as the newspaper which "delivers good news about lawyers". So next time the Law Society, the Solicitors Indemnity Fund, the firms revealed as having a dubious pro bono record, the barrister who threatened to shoot one of our reporters, the solicitor who threatened to club one of our reporters and the litany of firms which have suffered partner defections in the past few months, complain about bad press, we would like them to remember how the esteemed journalists on Private Eye view the only independent newspaper for the legal profession.