It's been a bad week for…

"Goners" – City types suffering from a Millennium-fuelled desire to "Get Out Now". Former Charles Russell solicitor Julia Bueno has a cautionary tale for those who want to give up their jobs and travel. Bueno went to India to improve her health and learn about reflexology. Following a nasty bout of projectile vomiting in Varanasi, Bueno endured a rickshaw crash, witnessed a soldier murder the rickshaw driver and was herself attacked and doused in petrol by a gang of men before being rescued by a passing Belgian management consultant. Now safely back in the UK, Bueno says: "I have lost the need to seem invincible." So we guess its back to pensions law.

Blue rinses. It seems the traditional image of the magistracy is a tad fuddy-duddy for the Lord Chancellor, who has launched a u420,000 advertising campaign to attract a more varied mix of applicants.

Self-regulation of the profession, which has come under attack from flamboyant Scottish solicitors Maria and Gordon Thomson, currently flushed with success after winning an appeal against being struck off by the Scottish Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal. The Law Society of Scotland must be quaking in its boots – not only do the pair famously ride Harley Davidson motorcycles and include the tougher element of Edinburgh's criminal fraternity among their clientele, but Maria is a well-known stage hypnotist.