Bahl's call for sex equality “superlaw' gathers support

A call by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) for a sex equality “superlaw” has received widespread backing.

EOC chair Kamlesh Bahl last week called for a single replacement for a plethora of laws which, she said, conflicted with each other and with EU law.

She said the EOC had received 200 replies to a paper on the matter and was preparing to present the Government with proposals for a single, comprehensive equality law in the autumn.

Bahl, midway through a campaign to become Law Society deputy vice-president, said recent cases had shown that issues such as sexual orientation and sexual harassment should be encompassed in one sex discrimination law.

Legal Action Group head of policy Vicki Chapman said consolidation of the existing laws was “very important”, as it was difficult currently for people to know what their rights were.

Law Society equal opportunities committee secretary Marcia Williams said: “There is a need for a unified structure of rights rather than relying on piecemeal legislation.”