Informative… how?

Tulkinghorn would not be human if he didn't get swayed by a little bit of flattery once in a while. And so it is with Ian Henery & Co solicitors.
The firm sent a charming little letter praising The Lawyer, commenting: “In particular we enjoy Tulkington [sic] since he makes us laugh as well as being informative.” One tries, one tries.
Anyway, with such praise it is easy to forgive the misspelling of one's name; and so Tulkinghorn is happy to reveal the latest news from Ian Henery & Co: it is, according to the press release, “estimated to be the fastest growing firm of solicitors in Walsall and Wolverhampton”. Now, that's laying down the gauntlet. Having been launched 18 months ago with a total staff of just three, it has now grown to 13. Can any firm in the region beat such exponential growth?