Andersen Legal’s Swedish team joins KLegal network

Archibald divides; members create new firm; remainder join Deloitte & Touche

The Swedish firm of the dissolved Andersen Legal network Archibald Advokatbyrå has split into two, with some partners setting up a new KLegal arm in Stockholm. The remaining partners are understood to be joining Deloitte & Touche.
Three partners from Archibald, one of whom is banking and finance and M&A specialist senior partner Jan Gregorsson, have set up a new branch of KLegal named KLegal Advokatbyrå AB. Gregorsson is joined by general corporate partner Carl Odelberg and property and construction partner Per Mansson. A fourth lawyer joining the firm is Patrik Olofsson, a property and construction assistant based in Gothenburg.
Also joining the new firm as part of a cooperative arrangement is a team of lawyers from the KPMG network in Sweden, headed by Lars Isaacson. He is expected to be taking a team of 30 lawyers with him to set up the new arm.
The new firm is seeking confirmation from KLegal that it can become a fully-fledged member of the network. Gregorsson said: “When Andersen had its problems and the Andersen network was dissolved, we had discussions with the partners in Sweden and decided to split. We had various options, but decided to set up a new KLegal arm in Sweden.”
The KPMG lawyers at present do not have rights of audience or membership of the Swedish Law Society due to the restrictive bar rules in Sweden. When they join the new KLegal arm they will be able to regain their rights.
It is expected that the remaining two partners at Archibald, one of whom is managing partner Berndt Furst, will be joining Deloitte & Touche in Sweden.