Litigation Writs 23/07/96

North London widow Milia Kleanthous, whose husband died in hospital after an operation in 1993, is suing New River Health Authority. Her writ claims that the health authority was negligent for failing to recognise or react to the symptoms of major internal bleeding, and for failing to appreciate until shortly before his death the need for her husband to undergo a blood transfusion.

Writ issued by A Rossides & Co, London N13. K162

Linda Cole of Winchester is suing W Churches and Son, of Evelyn House, Winchester, for damages following the death in 1994 of her husband from asbestos-related disease.

Writ issued by L Bingham & Co, London EC4. C520

National Westminster Bank, has launched a High Court action in a bid to recover £80,000 paid into the wrong account. The writ says the bank paid the money into the account of Chand Rehman, of London W14, after another customer quoted an incomplete account number, which was incorrectly amended by a bank employee.

Writ issued by Enderby Melling, London EC3. N142

A man who was seriously hurt when his go-kart crashed into a wall is suing the owners of the kart for damages. Dominic Plugge, of London SW19, seeks damages from Playscape Pro Racing, of Clapham Kart Racecourse, London SW4. According to the writ, the kart crashed as a result of brake failure; the accident is blamed on negligence and breach of statutory duty on the part of the company.

Writ issued by Rowley Ashworth, Wimbledon, London SW19. P227

An RAF officer who took early retirement believing he would be entitled to a lump sum and a pension is suing the Ministry of Defence. James Dempsey, of Bury St Edmunds, who wanted the money to set up an outward bound training course, is suing after learning he has to wait more than 20 years for the benefits. Dempsey issued a High Court writ claiming he only decided to take early retirement on the understanding he would be entitled to a lump sum and an annual pension. He claims he later discovered he would not receive the benefits until he is 60 and now accuses the MoD of negligence for giving him incorrect advice.

Writ issued by Cunningham John & Co, Bury St Edmunds.