In brief: Paisners' pensions victory sets precedent

Pensions Ombudsman Julian Farrand, advised by Paisner & Co, won in the High Court when conglomerate Hillsdown Holdings was ordered to pay back £18.4 million unlawfully taken from one of its pension schemes. Hillsdown had appealed against a similar ruling by Farrand last year, which the company attempted to overturn in court. David Parkin, head of litigation at Paisners, said: “The case is important on two counts. First, the judge said that where the Ombudsman found that one member of a pension scheme had been disadvantaged, his ruling would apply to all the scheme's members. This is an important precedent. Secondly, the case illustrates the importance of the Ombudsman for the man in the street – it is very doubtful that anyone would have been able to afford to take Hillsdown to court.”