Campaign targets equality for gay couples

Gay and lesbian lawyers are launching a campaign to get homosexual couples recognised in law.

Using their legal skills, they will argue that homosexual couples be given the same partnership status as heterosexual couples.

This includes pension rights for homosexual couples, the right to inherit council properties from deceased partners and the right to be recognised as next of kin.

Their aim is to garner support for their cause by encouraging a public debate and informing others solicitors about gay and lesbian rights. They will start by lobbying politicians to commit to two draft bills on partnership being launched in Parliament by gay rights lobbying group, Stonewall.

The issues and campaign strategy will be discussed at the Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Association's general meeting being held this week.

Association secretary Rob Kemp said: “We want to bring about greater equality for homosexual couples.

“As well as raising awareness of the issues in public we will give support and advice to gay and lesbian couples and help others solicitors to be more understanding of their needs.”