Public Sector

The pace of change in public sector law is gathering, with shifts occurring both internally in legal teams and in the way in which they interact with each other.

On 11 December The Lawyer reported that more than 1,000 local government lawyers look set to be affected by county councils merging with district councils. Of England’s 34 counties, 18 are considering unitary status, meaning almost certain consolidation of the legal teams.

Elsewhere, Transport for London (TfL) general counsel Howard Carter has responded to Lord Gershon’s report on public sector efficiency with a new plan to create a Greater London Authority (GLA) legal ‘supergroup’.

Combining the legal departments of the GLA, TfL, the London Development Agency, the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority and the Metropolitan Police, the proposal is still at discussion stage, but is an ambitious reform for a man just four months into his new job.