Who wants to be a fall-guy?

I have read with interest the problems which the Bar is having over its proposed complaints system.

It seems to me there is something curiously amiss with complaints procedures across the profession. Members of the Bar are rightly having their fair share of reservations about the schemes proposed by the Bar Council and fear that they will become the victims of vexatious complainants.

I believe it is a fair point. Many complainants are vexatious. They expect miracles from solicitors and barristers.

When this does not happen, they feel the urge to blame someone.

Lawyers end up being the fall-guys for most complaints, which, when looked at closely, probably end up being no more than a client disgruntled with the outcome of the case and looking for someone to blame.

I have been the victim of one such complaint. It was a totally unfair accusation.

However, it demonstrated amply to me that there must be fresh thinking on the whole subject. Our professional bodies should be doing more to protect us, instead of simply following the trend of the day.

Name and address withheld