UK advocacy training wins plaudits from SA barristers

John Malpas reports

THE QUALITY of advocacy training at the Bar has been praised by a team of South African barristers preparing to set up a similar scheme in their own country.

The arrival of the delegation of 13 barristers in London as part of a govern- ment-sponsored aid programme was reported in last week's issue of The Lawyer.

The barristers spent a weekend with members of the Inns of Court Advocacy Training Committee to learn the art of advocacy training.

The visit marked the first stage of a programme which will see 10 senior UK barristers, led by Michael Hill QC, travel to South Africa to help the South Africans set up their own advocacy training scheme.

As part of their training, members of the delegation sat in on a weekend workshop which was being run by the committee.

Durban-based barrister John Pammenter, a Senior Counsel, said he was "very impressed" with the quality of training.

He added: "We want to attract people from all different backgrounds to the Bar in South Africa, and we also want to make sure that they can hold their own in court, particularly in the light of the fact that solicitors now also have the right of appearance before the supreme court."