Suspension for local authority legal head

THE HEAD of a Cumbrian council's legal department has been suspended.

Allerdale Borough Council legal services manager David Collinson was temporarily relieved of his post in early November. Later that month an internal inquiry cleared him of allegations of harassing a junior member of staff.

But the suspension remained in force to allow the council to investigate what it described in a statement to The West Cumberland Times as “other matters”.

The council's chief executive Chris Hart, solicitor to the Workington-based authority, said a date had been set for a disciplinary hearing but refused to say when it had been scheduled for.

He also refused to comment on the circumstances surrounding the suspension of Collinson.

“He was suspended pending possible disciplinary proceedings, but it is not our policy to discuss these matters,” said Hart.

Collinson was unavailable for comment.

His deputy Michael Joyce has been appointed acting legal services manager while Collinson is away from his post.