Clobber job

For six years the travelling tailor service Dress2Kill has besuited the great and the good of London’s City elite. From Freshfields to Pinsents via Merrill Lynch, and with many in between, professionals have stood in their offices with arms aloft as their vital statistics are taken in anticipation of a new whistle.

The fast-growing outfit has also dressed stars ranging from Terry Wogan to LBC’s Nick Ferrari. It even made a suit for Richard Branson, who was so impressed he got Dress2Kill to run up the clobber for his entire Virgin Upper Class cabin crew. But last week founder and director James Hibbert faced his greatest challenge yet. Yes, Tulkinghorn had summoned the suit specialist to try and make one of his hacks look respectable.

It was a sunny day in London town, hence the guinea pig’s (features editor Matt ‘Sharp Threads’ Byrne) natty attire of ripped jeans, flappy shirt and flip-flops. Hibbert, a true professional, stoutly managed to avoid turning up his nose at the downmarket look and instead whipped out his book of samples and began the makeover.

A bewildering procession of unintelligable (to the terminally scruffy, that is) terms followed: crown-cuff, frog-mouth, outside ticket pocket… It was all Greek to the sandal-wearing slacker. Luckily, Hibbert was able to explain it all with good humour and in quick time. Within 30 minutes a suit of medium-weight worsted wool with electric-blue pinstripe and sky-blue silk lining (and four-button working cuffs!) had been agreed upon and was already effectively in production. “Looking sharp,” was Hibbert’s expert opinion.

Dress2Kill is due to launch its first-ever boutique, complete with gentlemen’s grooming salon, on 1 October in The Cut, Waterloo. For any fashion-conscious lawyers short on time and in need of some sartorial advice, Tulkinghorn can offer you his personal recommendation.