Halliwell Landau is set to introduce gardening leave for partners in the next financial year

At the moment, Halliwells partners do not have to take time out between jobs.
The firm said that it has chosen to change the partnership deed for reasons of good practice. Halliwells partners are formally voting on the issue before the end of this financial year. But senior partner Paul Thomas told The Lawyer that he is confident the measure will go through and gardening leave will be added to the partnership deed.
A Halliwells spokesperson said: “We decided it was normal for modern commercial law firms. Now any partner who joins next financial year will have gardening leave in their partnership deed.”
According to partnership expert Tony Sacker of Kingsley Napley, it is surprising that Halliwells did not have gardening leave arrangements for partners already. “Gardening leave is a standard agreement now and most firms have it. But it is a big decision for a firm which doesn't already have it to make,” he said.
Halliwells' main competitors in Manchester, such as Addleshaw Booth & Co and Eversheds, have already implemented gardening leave. Cobbetts is one exception which has not.
“We've never really seen it as necessary, as not many people tend to leave,” said Cobbetts managing partner Michael Shaw.