A site for sore eyes

Tulkinghorn's done it!! He's found an interesting law firm website. Usually the world of legal cyberspace is about as interesting as the radio version of Baywatch, but finally he has found one which stands out from the greyness.
It belongs to Powers Phillips, a small firm based in Denver.
Here is a sample from its welcome page: “The firm is composed of lawyers from the two major strains of the legal profession, those who litigate and those who wouldn't be caught dead in a courtroom.
“Litigation lawyers are the type who will lie, cheat and steal to win a case and who can't complete a sentence without the words 'I object', or 'I demand another extension on that filing deadline'. Many people believe that litigation lawyers are the reason all lawyers are held in such low esteem by the public. Powers Phillips is pleased to report that only two of its lawyers, Tamara Vincelette and Tom McMahon, are litigation lawyers, and only one of them is a woman.”
For those who log inleaving their sense of humour behind, the website offers an explanation: “Important Notice: How to tell if you are a complete idiot. This homepage is intended to be a joke. However, as a public service to enable our readers to determine whether or not they are complete idiots, we have also included a bunch of boring serious material without a joke in sight. If you can tell the difference you are not a complete idiot. Just to show we are not totally heartless, we will give you a little hint to help you with this test: if your eyes start to glaze over, it's the serious boring stuff. Good luck.”
For those in law firm marketing departments who want to get some hints, the website is www.b-f-h.com. Why b-f-h? Well, you'll have to log on to find out.