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Variation to an office lease to allow use as a private members’ club

The Upper Tribunal has allowed a variation to a lease that restricted the use of a property to office use (with minor residential use) so that the tenant could implement a planning permission to convert the property into a private members’ club. Background A user clause in a lease is a restrictive covenant. If the […]

Tax now payable much sooner following a disposal of residential property

From 6 April 2020 significant changes will be made to the deadline for paying capital gains tax (CGT) and filing tax returns in respect of disposals by individuals and trusts of UK residential property. Taxpayers and advisers need to be aware of these changes now. UK property disposals prior to 6 April 2020 Previously, UK […]

Coronavirus job retention scheme: pensions aspects

When considering how to use the coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS), employers may be wondering what this means for pension contributions and auto-enrolment obligations. This update considers some of the issues. How the CJRS works To access the CJRS an employer will need to designate affected employees as furloughed workers, notify the employees of this […]

Competition law – welcome guidance in a time of crisis

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published helpful guidance on how it will apply competition law in light of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the government has taken the unprecedented step of relaxing competition law in certain sectors. In the round, these developments offer welcome guidance and comfort – but they also serve as a timely reminder […]

Leading and adapting in challenging times: managing a newly remote team

The dynamics of a previously high performing team will shift in response to the recent working from home directive. As leaders we need to understand the factors that will impact even the most resilient and high performing colleagues. It’s likely that high-performing employees may experience varying levels of performance and engagement when they begin working […]


Litigation Recent Decisions 23/04/96

Failure to account for tax alleged to have been deducted R v Inland Revenue Commissioners, ex parte McVeigh (1996). QBD (May J). Summary: Lawful direction to a company director requiring him to pay tax on a bonus which his company had purported to pay less tax but which tax had never been accounted for to […]

The Lawyer Inquiry: David Truex

David Truex swas born on 7 March 1949 in Washington DC. He now lives and works in London for his own firm, David Truex & Co. What was your first job? Newspaper delivery round in Lincroft, New Jersey, 1960. What was your first ever salary as a lawyer? AUS$23.50 per week as an articled clerk […]

Public defenders of the realm

It is not every day you see a professor of sociology try to persuade high street lawyers to man the barricades against officials of the Legal Aid Board, so I read the polemic by Christie Davies (The Lawyer 9 April) with real interest. I, too, am fascinated to see the lengths the Conservatives go to […]

An oasis of junior talent

One of the problems noted by commercial litigators is the shortage of juniors at the commercial Bar. As one partner says: “It is worrying that we find a junior and use them regularly and then they take silk.” This is true of a number of juniors who have been recommended by litigation solicitors. Among them […]

In brief: Council member demands end of SIF

A motion by veteran council member John Franks calling on the Law Society to explore the possibility of abolishing the Solicitors Indemnity Fund is to be put before this Thursday’s Law Society Council meeting. In a letter circulated to council members before the meeting, Franks argues that the Law Society should abolish the fund and […]

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