The Lawyer Inquiry: David Truex

David Truex swas born on 7 March 1949 in Washington DC. He now lives and works in London for his own firm, David Truex & Co.

What was your first job?

Newspaper delivery round in Lincroft, New Jersey, 1960.

What was your first ever salary as a lawyer?

AUS$23.50 per week as an articled clerk with Gerald E Delaney & Co, Melbourne.

What would you have done if you hadn't become a lawyer?

I was shortlisted for the Australian diplomatic service but failed the cocktail party test.

Which law could you live without?

63 & 64 Vict. c.12 – Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK).

What was your most embarrassing professional moment?

Falling asleep while taking instructions from a client. Most embarrassing of all was that she didn't notice.

What car do you drive?

A Raleigh Pioneer 12-speed.

Which famous person would you like to go out with?

Helmut Kohl.

Where would you go to eat?

McDonalds, for a Big Mac Euroburger.

What's the best thing on TV?

Any Daffy Duck cartoon.

Which movie do you wish you'd appeared in?

The Verdict, as Paul Newman's gofer.

What's your most often-worn piece of clothing?

My RM Williams boots.

What book(s) are you reading at the moment?

Oval Dreams by Brian Matthews and Homebush Boy by Thomas Keneally. I am still hunting for a replacement copy of Manalive by GK Chesterton and will pay a fair price.

What is your all-time favourite record?

The 78rpm version of Gigli's Nessun Dorma.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone entering the profession now?

Choose a specialist area of practice and become an expert.

What do you like about yourself?

"I consider myself a passionate man, but, of course, a lawyer first." (Charles Barsotti, The New Yorker cartoon caption).

What do you hate about yourself?

See above.

Where would you most like to be right now?

The Point Resort, South Mission Beach, Far North Queensland.