Y2K could see mass escape

I am on the panel of the first "virtual" millennium bug telephone conference for lawyers, taking place on 23 September. The event – sponsored by the DTI Action 2000 team, BT and The Lawyer – should prove valuable, particularly for those who see the hassle and expense of time away from the office as the main deterrent to conference attendance.

The Lawyer (8 September) mentions the conference and, kindly, my book on the topic. In fact, its title is not Year 2000: Law and Liberty, but Year 2000: Law and Liability (1998, Sweet & Maxwell). However, there have been rumours that Scottish prisons which are locked not by keys, but by computers which may not be Y2K compliant, may indeed give unexpected liberty to some prisoners, so perhaps it is an appropriate slip.

ES Singleton, Singletons Solicitors