It has been a bad week for:

Barrister Christopher Cousins, whose plea to an Essex magistrates court not to ban Eastenders "bad boy" Ross Kemp from driving for speeding fell on deaf ears. According to The Sun, Cousins told the court Kemp feared he could be attacked by hysterical fans if he used public transport.

Boodle Hatfield, which was at the centre of a storm of bad publicity after it emerged that it had accumulated a £400,000 bill while acting for Princes Williams and Harry during settlement of Princess Diana's will. Boodle's counsel were David Lowe QC, of Wilberforce Chambers, and three juniors – Simon Taube of 10 Old Square, Michael Furness, also of Wilberforce Chambers, and Daniel Alexander of 8 New Square. The counsel are believed to have charged around £175,000.