The wrong choice

Speaking of mix-ups, Tulkinghorn is rather red faced over a bit of a slip-up in last week's edition of The Lawyer. When barristers at 4-5 Gray's Inn Square opened their copies of The Lawyer last Monday they were greeted by a photo of John Hobson, but it was not the John Hobson QC they knew and loved. “He's looking rather good,” was the cheeky comment from a member of the set. Amused by the mix-up, the barristers decided to run a sweepstake to guess who the mystery man was. It didn't take long for one sharp member of the set to scoop the prize and in doing so reveal why the face looked rather familiar. Turns out it's actually the senior partner of Taylor Walton, a firm that often instructs the set. And his name? You guessed it, John Hobson. A rather unusual case of Hobson's Choice, perhaps.