The excitement is building

Breaking news just in: Lovells has a new building. Ok, so it's not breaking news at all and most of you will by now be aware that the firm has some spanking new premises on Holborn Viaduct. But the firm is exceptionally excited about its new office space. As part of its promotional campaign to celebrate what is, after all, a seminal event in the history of the legal profession, Lovells has supplied The Lawyer with some exclusive pictures of the new building.

While we here at The Lawyer were perhaps not quite as excited as the firm about these pictures – it was decided that the suggested front page splash might just be viewed as overkill – it is nevertheless an event worth celebrating. Therefore, on the suggestion of his good lady wife, who does enjoy a good jigsaw, Tulkinghorn thought it would be jolly fun to offer you, our good readers, the opportunity to get your own copy of the fabulous new building, by collecting the pieces to the Lovells office jigsaw. In fact, Tulkinghorn thought this was such a good idea that you can collect two – The Lovells building jigsaw and the more complex Lovells boardroom jigsaw. This week, two pieces are available. The remaining 653 pieces will appear in subsequent issues. Enjoy.Which senior shipping barrister was caught by a colleague (who just happened to be his instructing solicitor), obsessively stroking a rather large fish at Leadenhall market?