Litigation Personal Injury 22/10/96

MacRae v Hammersmith and Queen Charlotte's Special Health Authority – QBD, 14 October 1996

Claimant: June MacRae, 2Incident: Medical negligence

Injuries: Claimant admitted to London's Hammersmith Hospital in February 1975 to undergo treatment to cure a congenital heart defect. During operation she suffered cardiac arrest which led to oxygen starvation and severe brain damage. She was left suffering from severe spastic quadriplegia and is totally dependent on her elderly parents. Her lifespan is put by doctors at up to 20 years.

Award: £1,039,646 (agreed damages)

Judge: Mr Justice Morland

Counsel for plaintiff: Alistair MacDuff QC

Plaintiff's solicitors: Owen White

Wardle v Hampshire County Council – QBD, 10 October 1996

Claimant: Michael Wardle, 3Incident: Accident at work

Injuries: Claimant a police officer on duty in control room at Gosport Police Station in August 1987. He was apprehending a suspect when a chair slid away across a slippery floor as he was about to sit on it. Claimant suffered severe injury to base of his spine when he fell on to floor. Serious spinal problems developed, requiring surgery. He returned to work but assaults on him during the course of his duty exacerbated back problems and he was retired from the force in 1990 on medical grounds. Local authority held entirely responsible for accident and in breach of statutory duties under Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963.

Award: to be assessed

Judge: Mr Justice French

Counsel for plaintiff: Frank Burton

Plaintiff's solicitors: Russell Jones & Walker