McGrigors cries off from maternity shift

McGrigors has scrapped proposed changes to its maternity leave package following an outcry from staff.

After an extended consultation period the firm has decided to keep its existing maternity leave offering while proposed changes to sick pay will go through, but not as initially planned.

Management at the firm sent a memo to staff last month (The Lawyer, 15 ­September) announcing a 10-day consultation after drawing up revised maternity leave and sick pay offerings, but following a chorus of protest extended that period. Staff were informed of the outcome last week.

“The result of the ­consultation was pretty clear – people felt strongly,” said a spokesperson for the firm.

The ditched proposals included paying bonuses to mothers who return to work and reducing pay for women who take a second maternity leave within 18 months.

Under the existing policy staff who have been at the firm for up to two years get six weeks’ pay while on maternity leave; those who have been there between two and five years get 12 weeks’ pay; and those who have been at the firm for more than five years receive 18 weeks’ pay.