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FCA test case ruling – welcome news for businesses

The High Court has handed down the long-awaited judgment in the coronavirus business interruption insurance test case brought by the FCA. Whilst the judgment may be appealed by the insurers, it is a very positive outcome for most businesses.

Can SECR fill the void where ESOS failed?

Whilst Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) could be seen at first glance as a watered down ESOS without the site audits, it has the ability to deliver a wide range of energy efficiency and carbon reduction measures for organisations for years to come in a way that ESOS alone will never achieve.



McGrigors cries off from maternity shift

McGrigors has scrapped proposed changes to its maternity leave package following an outcry from staff. After an extended consultation period the firm has decided to keep its existing maternity leave offering while proposed changes to sick pay will go through, but not as initially planned. Management at the firm sent a memo to staff last […]

Herbert Smith’s euro crisis

As the turmoil in the eurozone continues to send chills down many a German spine, Herbert Smith is having a Euro crisis of its own. After a decade-long courtship, the City firm has finally been spurned by would-be European merger partners Gleiss Lutz and Stibbe (see story). It brings to an end a slow-burning romance […]


Host of Solicitors from Hell-style sites appear following court action

The Law Society spent roughly £150,000 on shutting down the website Solicitors from Hell but faces a latest setback as it has emerged that similar websites attacking UK firms are appearing online, with some said to be hosted abroad to protect them from the British authorities. The websites Cowboy Solicitors and Solicitors from Hell 2 […]

International firms set sights on Beijing

In recent months a number of international firms have set up shop in Beijing, mainland China’s largest legal market in terms of lawyer numbers and ­revenue. Several other firms are understood to be applying for Beijing licences. Canada’s Gowlings opened a representative office in the city in September, extending its coverage to Asia for the first […]

Charon QC ‘Without Prejudice’ podcast #15

This week’s Without Prejudice features a one on one with David Allen Green and Charon QC who have a spirited discussion about a range of issues – Hackgate – Freemen ‘Cod’ Law – Politicisation of judges – Legal Aid – Privacy Law. David Allen Green is a practising solicitor, author of The Jack of Kent blog […]

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