Christmas cracker

But what’s this? Cancelled parties? Surely not. Surely the Dickensian days of Ebenezer-like tyrants running their offices with no thought for the well-being of their lowly, underpaid staff ended with the death of the steam tractor?
Not so, according to Ricksons Solicitors, this year’s recipient of the Tulkinghorn award for brazen publicity seeking.

“An increasing number of companies are cancelling Christmas parties to avoid having to deal with issues that arise,” the missive begins. “Even where parties do take place, HR managers are not attending or leaving early so they don’t have to witness colleagues behaving badly and take steps to rectify the situation.”

It then continues with some spurious statistics, but frankly, by then the damage had been done. The title of this gem? “Yule be sorry”. Says it all, really.