Top in-house salaries rocket

TOP in-house lawyers have seen pay-packets rocket by nearly 10 per cent this year, according to a salary survey to be published next week.

But the average increase for legal advisers and assistants working in commerce and industry is a modest 3.8 per cent.

Figures to be released soon by legal employment consultancy Chambers reveal that increases for senior advisers average 9.1 per cent, compared to 4.6 per cent for legal advisers and just 0.4 per cent for legal assistants.

Chambers says the contrast in pay increases reflects an industry trend, where salary increases for company directors have outstripped average rises.

Wages have shot up most dramatically among the top 10 per cent of senior legal advisers. Those in the late 30s have seen their salaries shoot up from an average u130,000 to u184,000. Salaries for the over-45s have gone up from u170,000 to u240,000.

Salaries in the survey include bonuses like company cars but not pensions or share options.