Lebanese join arbitration treaty

The Lebanese parliament has implemented recommendations put forward by the British Middle East Law Council concerning international arbitral awards.

The society made its recommendations at its September conference in Beirut.

Its secretary general, London solicitor Ibrahim Kanaan, says that prior to the conference Lebanon had not been a member of the New York 1958 Convention regulating international arbitration.

“One of our recommendations was to bring the convention to the attention of the Lebanese Parliament who subsequently agreed to be a member of this international treaty. The resolution was signed by the Minister of Justice and then passed by the parliament,” says Kanaan, consultant at Elliott & Company.

Geoffrey Lord, senior partner at the firm, says: “I will be going back in February as an arbitration association is being set up through the Beirut Bar. From the point of view of Elliott & Company there is an increased understanding of the Middle East. Having English law players in that region ensures us a higher profile.”

The strengthening of the official relationship between the Law Society of England and Wales and the Lebanese Bar is further highlighted by a press conference attended by John Young, vice president of the society, Michel Khattar, president of the Beirut Bar Association and Kanaan.

Assurances were made that help would be given to English and Lebanese lawyers to work in each others' countries.

“The BMELC has been asked to meet in Lebanon in January for a seminar to discuss and develop further recommendations.” says Kanaan.