Wife topping

Shame on the anonymous tipster who pulled the plug on Ogier partner Gray Smith’s hopes of concealing his budding TV stardom.

The attempt failed and Tulkinghorn was able to tune in to ITV on the evening of Saturday (12 May) to watch Smith grace the small screen on Vernon Kay’s Gameshow Marathon.

For the uninitiated, this prime-time light entertainment jamboree features a succession of old-school quiz shows featuring a raft of celebrities from across the television firmament.

The show featured Mr & Mrs Smith. Had ITV had a rush of blood to the head and did it now consider the head of an offshore law firm’s London office a ‘celebrity’? Tulkinghorn knew the channel was desperate, but come on…

Apparently not. It’s Mrs Smith, aka ITV News presenter Andrea Catherwood, that Kay and co were interested in. And so it came to pass that Mr Smith spent his 15 minutes of fame answering questions on boob jobs, tummy tucks and kinky undies.

“I never knew I knew so much about my wife,” a bashful Smith told Tulking-horn. “The fact that my mother-in-law was in the audience while I was answering questions about cosmetic surgery just made it so much more fun.”