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How not to be a lawyer
The latest career tips for budding lawyers who suddenly realise they don’t want to be lawyers comes courtesy of Barely Legal: The Blog (http:// barelylegalblog.blogspot.com).

The blog (which is about law and nothing else more salacious) is run by two recent law school graduates, Russ and Mike. They claim that “back when we were still law students, this was the most popular law student run blog in the world”.

Now Mike has offered some reassurance to any law students who get to the end of their studies and suddenly think, ‘You know what? I don’t want to be a lawyer’.

“For the past few weeks, Russ has posted some eye-opening stuff about job prospects after law school,” pens Mike. “I wouldn’t know personally, however, because I didn’t even bother taking the bar, so finding actual legal employment was never on my list of things-to-do.”

First on Mike’s list was finding his dream job. “I figured that having a finance degree and a law degree would make me very desirable,” says Mike. “I was wrong… sort of. I ended up with a great job that I use neither degree for. But I learned a lot along the way, so I thought I’d share some of what I learned with you.”

Mike goes on to offer pointers to any law college dropout who still wants to earn a few quid. They include such gems as: “Don’t fool yourself, you are absolutely an entry-level candidate”; “Start early”; and a few random, unprintable hints from Pulp Fiction. Mike concludes: “Bottom line is, if you are looking for a non-legal job, it’s either because you have no desire to be an attorney, or the legal job market put you in that situation. Regardless of why, it’s up to you to go out and make it happen for yourself, because nobody is going to hand you anything.”

Now, would you like fries with that?

Laying the ground rules
One of the most topical sports law questions was up for debate on the web last week on World Sports Law Report (www.e-comlaw.com/sportslaw blog/). So, should Gretna FC be allowed its hard-won promotion into the Scottish Premier League (SPL)?A posting by Andy Brown on the site last Tuesday (15 May) highlighted Gretna’s woes. They centre on the club’s ability to build a 6,000-seat stadium by March 2008 in order to meet the same stadium criteria as previous First Division champions.

Dunfermline Athletic and St Mirren, both of which were relegated at the end of this season, the latter having spent £200,000 on ground improvements last season, are contesting Gretna’s promotion.

As Brown points out: “Before you scoff, let me point out a couple of comments from St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour. ‘There is a strong feeling that you cannot have different rules for different clubs. I want to make sure that the same ground rules apply, as it has been sore for us financially’.”

On a slightly higher profile note, Brown points out that this is a similar argument to the one currently being put by Sheffield United and Wigan to the FA Premier League over the West Ham debacle.

“Both arguments are about money, or the loss of it,” he says, “and both prove that football authorities need to apply their regulations with an even hand, whether in the fantasy football world of the FA Premier League, or the perhaps more realistic world of Scottish football.”

Cocaine frights
While wangering about on Silicon Valley Media Law Blog (www.svmedialaw.com/), Web Week unearthed this nugget: “I make one post one time about auctions where you can buy drug-lord cast-offs and forever the number-one search term leading to my blog is ‘buy cocaine’. Anyone have any idea how to reset that? Yikkes…”

If you can help, check out www.martinandalex.com/blog/