Moore Blatch: look, no ands

Will the name changes never end? Hot on the heels of Nabarro Nathanson’s groundbreaking decision to crop its name to just Nabarro, and Lawrence Graham‘s even more radical ‘LG’, comes news of another revamp.

Southampton’s Moore & Blatch, in a canny spot of zeitgeist recognition, has also plumped for a shortened name. But are its cojones smaller than LG’s?The latter firm, remember, was so sure of its identity in the market that it had no fear in renaming itself after an electronics company. Not so Moore & Blatch: no Mercedes Benz, megabyte or Michael Bolton confusions with a reduction to ‘MB’.

No. The extent of the South Coast outfit’s ambitions has been to ditch its ampersand. Henceforth, the firm will be known as Moore Blatch. A name that immediately resonated with die-hard fans of rockumentary This is Spinal Tap.

It’s like, how much Moore Blatch could this be? And the answer is none. None Moore Blatch.