Lawyer’s beef with burger

Tulkinghorn’s scribes are no strangers to luxury, having feasted on many a Ginsters Deep Fill sandwich over the years. But too much of a good thing and one can get spoilt.

One such scribe was lunching recently with an esteemed lawyer from Spanish firm Rodes y Sala at a Madrid restaurant, which carries the boast that it serves the world’s most expensive hamburger.

The E85 (£58.16) delicacy costs so much because it’s made from Wagyu beef, which as every reader will know is made from cows raised on a special diet of beer and grain and massaged regularly with sake – and truffles.

The lawyer in question turned down the burger, but not because of its price. He said it was because the Wagyu beef in question came from New Zealand rather than Japan and was therefore not likely to be up to his usual high standards.

Instead he opted for a bison steak. The scribe, incidentally, had zebra. Makes a change from a slice of Cathedral City on Kingsmill.

If the burger doesn’t give you indigestion, the price will