Bar Council vice-chair wins judge’s salary

Vice-chair of the Bar Council Timothy Dutton QC will be the last in his post to work for free.

Dutton’s successor will be paid half the salary of a High Court Judge, which currently stand at £164,430.

Dutton said: “I’m glad to be the last voluntary vice-chairman as it’s a change that’s come not too soon.”

The heir to Council’s chair Geoffrey Vos QC will see his or her pay rise in line with that of a fully-salaried High Court judge.

The news of the change in salaries comes after the publication of a report into the internal workings of the Bar Council.

The working party, chaired by former Court of Appeal judge Sir Paul Kennedy, concluded that the Bar Council is “generally effective” but proposed changes to the composition of the representative body.

The report, published on 23 May, proposed that the Council should be more diverse to include representatives from specialist bar associations (SBAs)and employed barristers among its 118 members.