Revenge has come in the form of a rather delightful little figurine for Stephenson Harwood insolvency litigation partner Paul Gordon-Saker. Gordon-Saker bid £505 in an auction held by The Independent for a model of a little girl sitting on a bench (left). Now some of you may be wondering why, especially given that the figurine would be quite at home advertised on the back of a Sunday supplement for only 26 installments of £14.99. Here's a clue: The Independent bought the ornament for £120 from an auction of disgraced politician Jonathan Aitken's possessions and Gordon-Saker acted for creditors, making sure that Aitken gave up all his possessions, including his house, his pension, his pride and dignity (oh no, Tulkinghorn got it wrong, the last two went a long time before).

Gordon-Saker tells The Lawyer that he intends to auction the piece at the firm's Christmas party for charity. A beautifully handcrafted piece of sentimental rubbish anyone?