A Case for celebration

Good news came winging its way over from across the pond this week of an exciting new reason for New Yorkers to party in the streets.

Tulkinghorn has always thought that the May Day holiday was utterly ill-conceived; do we really need to celebrate and honour the workers? After all, they do get paid.

And besides giving those people who foolishly did not go to the right schools to achieve real power a paid holiday, it only encourages them to think they are doing the rest of us a favour by working their fingers to the bone.

Fortunately, moves are afoot in New York to reclaim the holiday on behalf of those who really need it.

New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani (him of the complicated lovelife and zero tolerance policy – the two of which are entirely unconnected) named 1 May 2001 as “White & Case Day” in the Big Apple.

Rather disturbingly, it seems that this will not become an annual event and was merely to celebrate the firm's 100th anniversary.

The decision to honour the firm in this way of course had nothing to do with the fact that Giuliani used to work at White & Case or that the New York State Governer is a client of the firm.