Barristers’ clerks to Bar Standards Board: regulate us

The Institute of Barristers’ Clerks (IBC) is lobbying the Bar Standards Board (BSB) to start regulating the work clerks do, as it strives to have the job recognised as a profession in its own right.

David Barnes
David Barnes

The Bar Council and IBC are holding talks about what shape any regulation might take and whether the IBC could be integrated into the Bar Council.

Chair of the IBC and senior clerk at 39 Essex Street David Barnes said: “We’re going to be working more closely with the BSB and discussing how clerks can be integrated into the Bar Council. The idea is that senior members of the administration team need to be regulated in some way. It won’t be too onerous.”

The IBC wants clerks to be regulated as a symbolic move to recognise the ­professional contribution they make to chambers.

Any regulatory framework would also cover members of the Legal Practice ­Management Association (LPMA), the trade body for legal practice managers.

Barnes added: “We’re keen to bring the LPMA into the organisation.”

The IBC is working on a number of initiatives with the Bar Council at a time when leading commercial sets are seeing a boom in ­litigation but smaller ­publicly funded sets are under financial pressure.