Law Soc surveys experts on 2020 legal scene

The Law Society is carrying out a consultation that will seek to establish the impact of outsourcing and the role of the representative body in a changing profession.

The Law Society has contacted a panel of experts and asked them to answer 10 questions about how the legal sector will look in 2020.

These include asking about what types of organisations people will be working in 10 years from now, where legal work will be carried out and who will be the key providers of legal services.

This comes as Eversheds has engaged Accenture with a view to outsourcing its finance and HR work.

This is in addition to the firm’s decision to outsource low-level legal work to a joint venture it set up in South Africa, along with its secretarial function, to ­Exigent. The secretarial outsourceing resulted in 95 job losses and a £2m cost saving.