Pro bono cheek

The National Pro Bono Week bus was touring the country last week, spreading the good word about the value of working for nothing.

One stop was the University of Birmingham, where the Attorney-General’s pro bono envoy Mike Napier gave a speech to a crowd of socially-conscious students while standing on the step of the blue and yellow bus.

But what could have been a rather nifty improvised podium turned out to be more of a problem, as some of the audience persisted in getting on and off the bus – while Napier was speaking.

It was all a very far cry from the august surroundings of the Law Society, where Napier had earlier launched Pro Bono Week before a gathering of peers, knights and other assorted dignitaries.

Tulkinghorn wonders which audience will be more inclined to heed Napier’s wise words about pro bono.