In an article dated 31 May 2004, we reported on an action by UEFA against individuals selling Euro 2004 tickets on eBay. Contrary to the suggestions in our article, eBay agreed to a “Norwich Pharmacal” order in which UEFA could make requests to eBay for personal details of those within the UK selling tickets to certain matches. eBay was not asked nor compelled to delist any of the individuals in the proceedings. It was also wrong to suggest that eBay was compelled to monitor the site itself for ticket sellers. Instead, if UEFA identify listings on eBay for sale of the tickets for designated matches, if requested by UEFA, only then will eBay be required to disclose the details of the named registrants. Also, the substantive action brought by UEFA was against individuals selling tickets on eBay and not against eBay itself. We are happy to set the record straight and apologise for any embarrassment caused.