Random House poaches publisher's head of legal

Publisher Random House has appointed its first ever legal director by poaching IPC’s head of legal.

Leading in-house media lawyer Roger Field has worked for IPC for more than six years. He is now charged with setting up Random House’s legal department from scratch.

He will be joined by former Transworld employee Siobhan Hughes, who is currently completing legal qualifications at Biddle, later this year. Hughes will come to the department as legal manager.

Before working at IPC, Field held legal advisory positions at The Daily Telegraph and TV-am.

Before qualifying as a lawyer, Field spent nine years as an officer in the army, seeing active service in the Falklands.

At the beginning of July, Random House will merge with Transworld Publishers.

The new company, which will be called Random House Group, will include brand names Jonathan Cape, Corgi and Chatto & Windus.

“Random House hasn’t ever had a legal department,” says Field. “I suspect that the number one book publisher in the UK felt that it was time to have one – Penguin Books and Harper Collins have one, so what on earth were they doing without the protection of a legal department?”

Random House currently uses Denton Hall and Biddle for general publishing law advice and Simons Muirhead & Burton for libel work.

Field’s former deputy, Tim Parish, has filled in the vacant position at IPC. He was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.