Wounded Girling attacks legal press

Outgoing Law Society president Tony Girling has attacked the legal press, accusing it of painting an unduly grim picture of his year in office.

Referring to comments in The Lawyer that the society was in crisis, Girling launched his third attack on the legal press in just three days when addressing the society's AGM.

“The curse of the tabloids, that seems to have afflicted the broadsheets, also appears to have spread to our legal journals,” said Girling. “It has been a good year for this society. Crisis no, challenges yes.”

Girling also expressed disappointment about coverage of its achievements in the Gazette, the society's in-house publication, which he said took a “low-key tone on the positives”, for fear of being seen as an “establishment Pravda”.

Earlier in the week Girling criticised the legal press for not reporting the extensive comments he had made in praise of Simon Baker when Baker announced he was resigning from the Law Society council.

Baker was the author of the leaked minutes of one of Phillip Sycamore's presidential election campaign meetings that appeared to implicate Sycamore in a dirty tricks campaign against his rival Martin Mears.

At a press conference last Tuesday, Girling chided the media for devoting extensive coverage to the content of these minutes, saying undue attention had been paid to them.