Litigation Writs 22/7/97

ROC Construction of Folkestone is suing the Commissioners of Customs & Excise for damages for the malicious presentation of a winding-up petition. In its writ the company says that on 14 May 1991 Customs & Excise wrongly presented a petition for the winding-up on the grounds that it had failed to pay money which was the subject of a statutory demand served on 2 February 1991.

Writ issued by Gentle Jayes, London W1.

A Godalming widow is suing the Ministry of Defence over the death of her husband. Lindsay Mooring claims her husband William Mooring's death was caused by the negligence of the MoD. She is seeking damages under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 for herself and his children, and for bereavement and for his estate under the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934.

Writ issued by Trethowan Woodford, Salisbury.

Vantage Properties of St Helier, Jersey, which paid £2m for Atlas Wharf in London, is suing Farmwood Investments of London. It claims it was induced to enter into the purchase after being led to believe the property could use a planned access. However, it claims that after the purchase it discovered it would also need to pay a substantial price for a strip of land owned by London Docklands Development Corporation and accuses Farmwood of fraudulent or negligent misrepresentations in respect of this. The writ claims Farmwood knew that the strip of land between Atlas Wharf and Armhelm Place was owned by the LDDC, and that the proposed development could take place only if the LDDC granted rights of way over the land.

Writ was issued by Brook Martin & Co, London W1.

The owners of Pointwest Development in London's Cromwell Road are suing a security company for damages for alleged negligence. Pointwest Developments, in administrative receivership, has issued a writ claiming damages from Securicor Guards, of Sutton in Surrey, and John Lelliott Management, in administrative receivership and liquidation, of London EC4. The claim arises out of theft, fire and vandalism at the Pointwest Development after 11 December 1990, which the writ blames on negligence in carrying out security services at the property and breaches of a management contract.

Writ issued by Lawrence Graham, London WC2.