Web week

Touching the void

If you’re young, male and sick of the law, you might want to chuck it all in to become the boyfriend of a rich divorcee. There’s no photocopying or emailing and the pay is better. Just make sure you don’t worry your pretty head about grown-up things.

www.abovethelaw.com was keen to make its readers aware of the new career opportunity offered by a New York company called Pocket Change, which is selling tickets at $500 (£255) a pop to ladies over 35 with at least $4m (£2m) handy. Men under 35 go free to the ‘Sugar Mamas and Boy Toys’ event if they pass a beauty inspection. Sign your soul away at http://pocketchangenyc.com/ sugarmamas.asp.

As the website says: “Symbiosis has allowed ugly rich men to attract young gorgeous money-hungry women for centuries; it is now the women’s turn. For all of the leopard-print attire and decades of alimony you have amassed in your divorces, we know there is still a void within you that even an unattractive David Yurman necklace cannot fulfil.”

The event is sponsored by a brand of vodka called Oval. The participants might well be advised to consume that in large doses before the void-filling begins.

IP debris

There seem to be more blogs about IP than any other area of law, which may have something to do with the amount of mad inventors still out there. The Museum of Obscure Patents (http://www.ipwatch dog.com/patentmuseum.html) is a catalogue of US nuttiness.

Someone patented a ‘Method of Painting with an Infant’s Posterior’ – ideal if you forget to pick up the paintbrushes at Homebase.

The inventor of ‘Animal Toy’ went for simplicity and patented a stick, whereas the person that came up with ‘Hyper Light Speed Antenna’ went down a more complicated path.

The invention “allows energy from another dimension to influence plant growth”. It must really eat up the batteries.

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