Supreme Court gains first chief executive

The attorney general department’s senior civil servant Jenny Rowe is to be the first chief executive of the new UK supreme court, the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary Jack Straw has announced.

Rowe, currently the attorney general’s director of policy and administration, will be acting as chief executive designate until the supreme court comes into being on October 2009. During this time she will oversee the creation of the court.

Jack Straw said he looked forward to working with Rowe in establishing the supreme court. He said the court “will endure as a symbol of our commitment to justice and the independence of the judiciary”.

The supreme court, which will be on the site of Middlesex Guildhall crown court in Parliament Square, will replace the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords to mark a clearer degree of separation of the highest court from the legislature.

Rowe will be responsible for managing the supreme court as an independent entity while providing the justices of the supreme court with judicial independence of its judges.